harereietzion5774-01 Page 01-webDear Yeshivat Har Etzion and Migdal Oz Bogrim and Bogrot,

For many of us, the time that we spent learning in our respective institutions formed part, or much, of our identities as Bnei and Bnot Torah. The values on which these institutions are based continue to guide our lives and inspire us to action in many areas. Of these values, harbatsat Torah, concern for and commitment to the Jewish people and the enterprise of individual and unique Torah study, occupy a central place in our worldview.

In recognition of these principles, we would like to announce a new initiative that we hope will further cement our connection to one another, to our Batei Medrash and to the Torah as a whole. This endeavor, entitled Harerei Etzion, is a monthly publication of divrei Torah on the Parsha written by the faculty of Gush and Migdal Oz, as well as college, graduate and post graduate bogrim and bogrot.

The publication will cover all of the Parshiyot for that particular month and we encourage everyone to sign up for a devar Torah. To sign up for a Parsha, please enter your information here.

We hope that Harerei Etzion becomes a source of vibrant, engaging Torah that strengthens our Yeshiva community and by extension, the Jewish nation as a whole.

Jacob Bernstein and Tuvy Miller



Harerei Etzion Vol.1 Issue 1: Parshiot Bereshit-Vayera

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Harerei Etzion is a partner project of the Yeshivat Har Etzion Center for Torah Leadership. To find out more about CTL or becoming a partner project, please visit www.haretzion.org/ctl