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Two and half years ago, on the 15th of Av 5769, Yeshivat Har Etzion student Uriel Liverant z"l was killed during training in the army. He was a tank commander and while on a training mission, his tank overturned. Uriel had enough time and presence of mind to order his tank crew to prepare for the crash, but unfortunately was unable to save himself.

When his friends returned to the Yeshiva, they had a burning desire to commemorate and memorialize Uriel. One of Uriel's most distinct characteristics was his unrelenting devotion and commitment to learning Torah. He used every spare minute to learn even if it was something very small.

lalechet-cover-tishreilalechet-cover-KislevWe decided to publish a bi-monthly study booklet designed not only to bring Divrei Torah but also to serve as a catalyst for thought. The booklets, named "Lalachet Bidrachav" highlight and reflect Uriel's daily commitment to Limmud Torah, which expressed itself, amongst other things, in his commitment to studying Daf Yomi, even in the most challenging times in the army.  The first booklet was published for Rosh Chodesh Shvat 5770, at the time of Uriel's birthday. Since then, booklets have been produced every two months. Each day's learning includes Halacha, Machshava and other selected passages and thoughts, from within the Beit Midrash of Yeshivat Har Etzion and beyond it.

Each edition is built around a different central topic that is relevant (Tefila, Shabbat, redemption, Eretz Yisrael, faith etc.) and that will help us in our daily practice and observances. The booklet is divided into daily segments wherein each segment contains a section on thought related to the topic, together with a daily Halacha and a third section that varies each day.  The booklet encompasses Parshat Hashavua, Jewish and Israeli history, devotion to Hashem and Torah insights.

From our initial publication of 200 booklets each time, we have now grown, Baruch Hashem, to 1500 booklets which are distributed to youth, soldiers and sherut leumi girls. However, in order to continue this distribution, memorial to Uriel and encourage the learning of Torah, we need your help! The production cost is roughly $1 per  booklet or $1500.  Booklets can be sponsored in multiple amounts and can be dedicated (either by booklet or by daily learning section) in memory of your dear ones.

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