Majesty and Humility: The Thought of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik

by Rabbi Reuven Ziegler86

VBM Editor-in-Chief

Director of Research, Toras Horav Foundation


Book launch in Ra’anana: Kehillat Shivtei Yisrael, led by Rabbi Daniel Beller ’82, will sponsor a lecture and book launch on Wednesday, Feb. 29, 8:30 PM (17 Har Sinai Street, Ra’anana). This event will inaugurate a new course on Great Jewish Thinkers at KSY’s College of Lifelong Learning.


Online book launch: Join WebYeshiva.org for a live, interactive book launch on Tuesday, March 6, at 10 PM Jerusalem time (3 PM New York). Free registration required at: www.webyeshiva.org/class.php?cid=605. Contact office@webyeshiva.org with any questions or for assistance.


For more information on Majesty and Humility, see here. The book is available worldwide on Amazon; in Israel, free shipping when ordered from Urim.


“This volume is an ideal entree into Rabbi Soloveitchik’s thought – but is even more than that. By skillfully drawing connections between various writings, by clarifying many challenging ideas and passages, and by integrating the Rav’s life with his thought, Rabbi Ziegler presents fresh, penetrating perspectives and insights that will enlighten even seasoned readers. The author makes demanding philosophical works exciting and accessible. All who care about Jewish thought should read this outstanding work.”

Dr. David Shatz, Professor of Philosophy, Yeshiva University