Scholar-in-Residence:  Rabbi Moshe Taragin

At the Young Israel of Oceanside

February 10-11 - Shabbat Parshat Yitro


Friday Night following Dinner:
The Clash of the Divine Temple and the Human Heart: 
Does Religion Displace Our Humanity?


 Shabbat Morning after Mussaf:

Secular Zionism & Geulat Yisrael: 
Can a Secular State Be Redemptive?


Seudah Shlishit:
A Mountain of Fire and a Mountain of Feast -
Love of God vs. Fear of God




This Scholar-in-Residence was sponsored by:


~ Nechama & Ovadya Aryeh in memory of Nechama's father,

Rav Natan ben Yisrael Eliezer HaKohen, a"h 
and in memory of Ovadyah's sister,

Aviva Rachel bat Emanuel, a"h


~ Dora Chana & Joshua Haar in memory of Josh's grandfather,

Marvin Myers, a"h

and Dora Chana's grandmother,

Dora Sosnowik, a"h


~ Claire & Stuart Podell in honor of their children & grandchildren


 ~ Sandy & Arnold Sudberg in memory of their parents 

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