A Motzaei Shabbat Panel
with Rav Bazak, Rav Danny Rhein and alumnus David Landes
was held on the topic: The Legacy of  HaRav Amital, zt"l

at Congregation Etz Chaim of Kew Gardens Hills.

Motzaei Shabbat Vayakhel February 26, 2011.

Rav Bazak: Harav Amital zt"l - Allowing People to be Human,

David Landes: The Shoah and the Political Thought of Rav Amital

Rav Rhein: In Appreciation - Divrei Chizuk

Our thanks to Rav Moshe Rosenberg for arranging the evening.

A recording of the event can be found at KMTT - Har Etzion's Audio Website.