It's a busy month for us, with Rabbis Kahn, Taragin and Weber giving shiurim in the US of A.


Rav Yair Kahn will be in the US visiting alumni and alumnae on college campuses on the east coast.
Mon, Feb 10 – Queens 12:30-13:20
Amalek and the Divine Throne
Rutgers 20:00-21:00
Leket shikcha and Pe'ah: The Halachic and Religious Roots of Agricultural Tzedaka
Tues, Feb 11 – Harvard 17:45
The Religious Dimension of Shira
Brandeis 20:00
Two Paradigms of Tefilla
Wed, Feb 12 – Yale 12:00
Birkhat Hanehenin Revisited
Thurs, Feb 13 – Maryland 21:00
Sinai, Moshe and Humility
On Shabbat Yitro, February 15, Rav Kahn will be the scholar-in-residence in Richmond, VA. Poster attached here.
Rav Eli Weber will be giving the Minchat Chinuch shiur after the 8:30 AM Minyan in the Beis Medrash at Bnai Yeshurun in Teaneck, NJ.
Rav Moshe Taragin is the scholar-in-residence at Arzei Darom in Teaneck, NJ. Poster attached here.


 Continuing the week... with Rav Yair Kahn:

Sun, Feb 16 – JHU 12:00-13:00
The Complexity of the Sinai Experience
Penn 17:25
From the Torah to the Table: The Biblical Roots of Birkhat Hamazon
Mon, Feb 17 – Princeton 18:00
Sanctifying the Name of Hashem in this World
YU 22:00
בכל אות נפשך תאכל בשר: היתר אכילת בשר חולין
Tue, Feb 18 – Stern 19:00
Can One Fulfill The Sinai Covenant
Columbia 21:00
As if Received from Sinai: Analyzing the Mitzvah to Write a Sefer Torah
Wed, Feb 19 – NYU 12:30-13:15
Chinuch: The Obligation of a Parent to Teach and Train