1. Rav Mordechai Friedman is spending the weekend in the UK. (Parashat Yitro 5779)
Friday January 25th there is time allotted for personal meetings with bogrim. If you are interested in scheduling a meeting, please contact Rav Mordechai.
Fri night tisch\discussion on Daas Torah and Emunas Chachamim at 8:00 pm at the home of Elkan & Patti Adler, 33 Rowsley Avenue NW4 1AP.
Shabbat pre shacharis shiur at Magen Avos 9 am and a dvar Torah after mussaf.
Lunch 12:40 at Ner (Mincha at 12:15)
Shiur after Mincha (4:22) in Alei Tzion
Melava Malka 7:00 pm at home of David & Shira Gottlieb, Flat 6, 85 London Road, Stanmore, HA7 4pb
2. Rav Yair Kahn is coming to the US and will be speaking at college campuses on the east coast.  Here is his schedule (tentative and subject to change).
Monday Jan. 28 8-9 - Columbia – Ten Commandments?
Tuesday  Jan 29
Lunch - Yale – V'Chol Ha'am Ro'im et Hakolot: Kriat Hatorah for the Blind
Evening - Harvard – Moshe Kibel Torah M'Sinai: Can Man be entrusted with the Faithful Transmission of the Divine Word?
Night - Brandeis – Sinai: Eternalization and Internalization
Wed Jan. 30
Lunch - Queens – Na'aseh V'nishma: What Were the People Responding To?
Evening - Stern – Nadav and Avihu: What Went Wrong?
Thurs. Jan 30
Evening - NYU – Forcing a Divorce: Is one's inner will subject to physical coercion? 7 chevruta 7:45 shiur
Night – 10:15 - YU – שלם ישלם המבעיר את הבערה, followed by cholent and chizzuk
Monday Feb. 4
Lunch - Maryland – Na'aseh V'nishma or Kafa Har K'gigit
Evening- Penn – The Building of the Mishkan: Chronology and Essence
Tuesday Feb. 5
Evening - Princeton – The Mishkan: Vision and Reality
Night - Rutgers – Defining Adar Alef; Understanding the Hebrew Calendar