It is a very exciting time of year when so many alumni come and visit the yeshiva.  Over 50 alumni in university are coming over the course of the month, with over 20 here at once next week.
Therefore we are making some special programming.  We are sharing it here to encourage future alumni visits!
Kol tuv,
Yonatan Shai Freedman, Alumni Coordinator
Monday, January 4th, 14:00 - Q&A with R' Baruch Gigi
Monday 22:15 - Vaad with R' Assaf Bednarsh, 58 Meginei HaGush
Tuesday 18:15 - R' Yitzy Blau - The Power and Beauty of Prohibitions
Wednesday 13:00 - Lunch with the Ramim in the Chadar Ochel Katan
Wednesday 16:45-17:00 - R' Yonatan Shai Freedman - Netziv on the Parasha (at the back chabura table)
Thursday 12:30 - Chizuk from the Parasha with R' Dovid Gottlieb (an opportunity to meet our new Ra"m)
Thursday 16:00 - Alumni shiur with R' Yair Kahn
Friday 21:00 - Tish at the home of R' Doniel Schreiber, 16 Zayit
Shabbat - After davening, kiddush at the home of R' Menachem Leibtag, 4 HaAlon