Mazal tov to Rabbi Moshe and Atara Taragin on the engagement of their daughter Temima ’21MO to Noam Avneri ’19H. Mazal tov also to Noam’s parents, Chemi ’83H and Orit Avneri, and Noam’s brothers, Oshri ’16H and Yuval ’17H.
Mazal tov to Rav Yair and Hadassah Kahn on the birth of a grandson, born to Diti ’16MO and Ariel Rosenberg ’14H. Mazal tov also to Ariel’s parents, Rosh Beit Midrash of Migdal Oz Rabbanit Esti and Rav Herzl Rosenberg ’91K. Mazal tov also to Ariel’s grandmother, Dr. Tovah Lichtenstein, and the extended Rosenberg and Lichtenstein families.
Mazal tov to Rav Robbie ’10 and Ora Schrier on the birth of Yehoshua Shmuel. Mazal tov also to Robbie’s brothers, Rav Elliot ’07 and Jake ’13.
Mazal tov to Roni Etshalom ’13 on his engagement to Ariella Berman. Mazal tov to Roni’s parents, Rabbi Yitzchak ’83 and Stefanie Etshalom. Mazal tov also to Roni’s brothers, Yossi ’14 and Avi ’21.
Mazal tov to Zack Orenshein ’16 on his engagement to Leora Moskowitz.
Mazal tov to Adeev Segal ’19 on his engagement to Tamar Sonenberg. Mazal tov also to Tamar’s brother, Boaz ’20.
Mazal tov to Rabbi Zev ’95 and Elana Pomeranz on the engagement of their daughter Chana Bracha to Akiva Davis.
Mazal tov to Aaron ’14MTA and Adina Schneider on the birth of a daughter, Romi.
Mazal tov to Rav Jonathan ’02 and Dr. Sefi ’04MO Hefter on the birth of a boy. Mazal tov also to uncle Rav Elichai Bitter ’01, and to uncle and aunt Rav Dr. Judah ’96 and Shayna Goldberg (Mashgicha Ruchanit at Migdal Oz).
Mazal tov to Avi ’03 and Lauren Kelin on the birth of Nava and Lital.
Mazal tov to Hillel ’11 and Shoshi Davis on the birth of a girl, Gefen Dodi.
Mazal tov to Rabbi Barry ’96 and Dina Kornblau on the recent marriage of their daughter Rachel to Joshua Pokroy. Mazal tov also to Rachel’s brother, Yoni ’15.
A belated mazal tov to Eitan Marks ’04 on his marriage to Keren Lifshits.
Mazal tov to Rav Todd ’90 and Naomi Berman on the recent marriage of their daughter Talia to David Schacham.
Mazal tov to Moshe ’12PC and Ruth Cohen on the birth of Leora Tova.