Mazal tov to Ari ’06 and Hannah Goldberg on the birth of Raphael Eliezer.
Mazal tov to Rav Jesse ’96 and Tara Horn on the birth of Ariella Rena. Mazal tov also to the uncles and aunts, Rabbi Aaron Horn ’03, Jason Cyrulnick '96, Rav Eitan Ben-David ’02, Daniel Ben-David ’04 and Sarit (Ben-David) Anstandig '07MO.
Mazal tov to Yosef ’05 and Rebecca Novetsky on the birth of a boy. Mazal tov also to Yosef’s parents, Terry ’80 and Gail Novetsky, and to Yosef’s siblings, Michal ’07MO, Rikki ’10MO, Tamar ’12MO, and Binyamin ’17.
Mazal tov to Arun ’08 and Tali Viswanath on the birth of Chienna Beyla.
Mazal tov to David ’74 and Joyce Friedman on the engagement of their daughter Rebecca '10MO to Pierre Weil. Mazal tov also to Rebecca’s brother, Josh ’02.
Mazal tov to Tzvi ’05 and Metuka Feifel on the birth of Rafi. Mazal tov also to Tzvi’s father Azi '78 and brother, Adir ’11.


Mazal tov to Etzion Foundation Executive Director Shirley and Marty Schuster on the birth of a great-grandson, born to Shauli and Dena Friedman.  Mazal tov also to Shauli’s parents, Marc ’90 and Sharon Friedman.
Mazal tov to Rabbi Jonathan ’06 and Ora Ziring on the birth of twin girls!!
Mazal tov to Benjy Koslowe ’13 on his engagement to Tamar Yastrab. Mazal tov also to Benjy’s brothers, Hillel ’17 and Yehuda ’17.