Mazal tov to Rabbi Dr. Shlomo ’02 and Michal Wadler on the birth of Yanai.
Mazal tov to Marc ’84 and Tamar Lesnick on the engagement of their son Rami to Achinoam Ben Meir.

Mazal tov to Zev '00 and Na'amit Nagel on the birth of their son, Yaakov Elimelech! Mazal tov also to Uncle Josh '10. 

Mazal tov to Simon ’01 and Gabrielle Stern on the birth of Yehuda Simcha.
Mazal tov to David ’07 and Miriam Baigel on the birth of a boy. Mazal tov also to David’s brothers, Baruch ’01 and Danny ’02.
Mazal tov to Josh Steinreich ’11 on his engagement to Raizy Worcman.
Mazal tov to Dr. Yonatan ’99 and Shira Wiesen on the birth of Leba Emunah. Mazal tov to aunts and uncles, Ari Wiesen ’95, Rabbi Yair Hindin ’98, Rena Whistler ’04MO, and Raffi Wiesen ’12. 

Mazal tov to Alan ’82 and Tzafrira Wecker on the birth of a grandson, born to Hodaya ’17MO and Yishai Yifrach. Mazal tov also to Hodaya’s brother, Binnun Wecker ’12H.