Michael Eisenberg kol echad moshe rabbeinu
Etz HaChaim veHaKesef - Sefer Shemot

Kol Echad Moshe Rabbeinu (Hebrew)

Michael Eisenberg '89

Congrats to Michael Eisenberg '89 upon Publishing a New Book!

The technological world is accelerating, and it presents us with unprecedented social, cultural, economic and leadership challenges - from Facebook and Twitter, to medical and financial ventures and to future transportation developments. It is a new world. A world that furnishes opportunities and risks to the individual and the community.

Such a world needs unprecedented political and business leadership. Leadership that combines sobriety, value and humility. An ancient operating system is hiding between the verses of the book of Exodus that interprets the story of Moshe Rabbeinu, the greatest leader who rose for the Jewish people and for humanity. Adopting the principles and insights that come up in Sefer Shemot can help each of us become Moses. All we have to do is ponder and decide.

This new book is the second in the series Etz HaChaim veHaKesef. The first volume dealt with finance and business principles in Sefer Bereishit and onwards.

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