Chaim Jachter from david to destruction314From David to Destruction:
Mining Essential Lessoms from Sefer Melachim

Rabbi Chaim Jachter '81

In From David to Destruction, Rabbi Chaim Jachter offers new solutions to both classic and previously unaddressed issues in the study of Sefer Melachim and Tanach. Combining traditional commentaries with innovative interpretations, From David to Destruction provides key insights into the spiritual challenges faced by the Jewish leadership and nation during the First Temple period, and applies the narratives of Sefer Melachim to contemporary Hashkafic issues. From David to Destruction: Mining Essential Lessons from Sefer Melachim comprises an intensive study of Shlomo HaMelech, Yarav’am ben Nevat, Beit Achav, Eliyahu HaNavi, Elisha, Yeshayahu HaNavi, Achaz, Chizkiyahu, Menashe, Yoshiyahu, Yirmiyahu HaNavi, and more. Edited by Har Etzion talmid Nachum Krasnopolsky '19.
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