Here are some happy notations that we simply do not have room for in our upcoming bulletin! Vechen yirbu!!

"We had two new grandchildren this year, A boy  born to Chaim Meir (Gush Hesder Alum Machzor 37) and Shira, named Aharon after Rav Aharon zt"l. A girl, Rachel Hodaya, born to Dovid Shalom and Ashley.

Also, our son Shmuel married Eliana Picard Rosh Chodesh Adar, B""H good news! Lynn and Larry Finson '75"

"Our daughter, in Dallas, TX, had a son. Shira & Maor Danino. Baby's name is Yakov Noah. Alan '72 and Brenda Pritzker"

"Our daughter Hodaya got married to Yishay Yifrach, Alan '82 and Tzafrira Wecker". And mazal tov to Alan who recently received a doctorate from both University of Haifa and University of Trento, Italy!