Mazal tov to Yitzhak ’88 and Ditza Berger upon the engagement of their daughter Tehilla to Eitan Lipsky '14, and the birth of their new granddaughter, Tsipora Greenberg!
Mazal tov to Eliezer ’05 and Beth Goldsmith upon the birth of their grandson Yosef Amichai - born to Tzippy & Meir HaEitan, and another grandson!, Yaakov Moshe - born to Pedut & Meir Goldsmith!!
Mazal tov to Michael ’87 and Karen Raskas, upon the marriage of their daughter, Elana Raskas, (MO) to Eli Becker (Gush Hesder Machzor 42), son of Judi and Maier Becker ‘80 of Efrat.
Mazal tov to Ira Karoll ’99 upon starting a new position as of June 2018: Assistant United States Attorney, Appellate Division. United States Attorney's Office, Western District of Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh)!
Mazal tov to Kovi Fine ’15 who has founded and launched a startup - Wekka - . It is a recruitment platform that makes it easier for English speakers in Israel (mostly olim) to Hire and be Hired. Check it out!
Mazal tov to Aharon '80 and Tova Naiman upon the engagement of their son Yechiel, to Yarden Kozar, daughter of Silvi and Tzion, of Efrat.
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