Mazal tov to
Josh Bomsztyk ’05 on his engagement to Jessica Solomon.
Also to Josh’s brothers, Daniel ’07 and Sammy ’09.
Rav Chaim ’93 and Bianca Kanterovitz on the engagement of their son Tzvi Kanterovitz ’17 to Gila Gordon.
Yonatan '99 and Shira Schechter on the birth of a boy.
Idan Horowitz ’14MTA on his engagement to Liora Fox.
Binny Zupnick ’12 on his engagement to Rachel Sanderlin.
Also to Binny’s brother, Yochanan ’08.
Daniel '79 and Hannah Katsman, upon the marriage of their daughter Tova to Avi Gamoran of Hashmonaim.
Elli '99 and Pesha Fischer, upon the bar mitzva of their son Refael Amichai (Rafi). In addition to a siyum Shas Mishnayot, in honor of the occasion, they published an edition of Mishna Kinnim:
Yaakov ’80 and Malke Borow, upon the marriage of their son Yonatan to Liraz Vahav.
Rav Perry ’82 and Miriam Tirschwell, upon the birth of a granddaughter, born to their children Hadassah and Yisroel Frankel. 
Eli ’84 and Judy Clark, upon the birth of a grandson, born to Yitzhak Clark (YHE 2009) and Nomi (Benin) Clark (MO).
Zeev ’78 and Sharon Reifer, upon the marriage of their daughter Ayelet to Ron Gabbai of Sdarot.