RChaimJachter Reason to Believe webCongratulations to Rabbi Chaim Jachter '81 upon publishing his new book, Reason to Believe: Rational Explanations of Orthodox Jewish Faith.
Facing the tough questions and perennial doubts head-on, Rabbi Jachter — an internationally known rabbi and dayan — offers compelling evidence in favor of Orthodoxy from the perspectives of science, philosophy, history, and Jewish tradition. A valuable for those who seek answers, Reason to Believe will also anchor and amplify the faith of those who feel secure in their Orthodox beliefs and lifestyle.

“Rabbi Chaim Jachter’s extraordinary blend of scholarship, talent and experience makes him uniquely qualified to have authored this essential volume. In Reason to Believe, Rabbi Jachter brings to bear vast Torah knowledge, decades as a master educator and sensitive personal insight; as he tackles the critical questions of faith and belief that confront young and old in today’s world.” - Rabbi Shmuel Goldin, Past President, Rabbinical Council of America 

“… A masterful and timely contribution.” - Rav Mordechai Willig, Rosh Kollel at Yeshiva University

“Rabbi Jachter, a masterful teacher and prolific writer, has once again produced an excellent work, the influence of which will be felt for years to come. …” - Rabbi Elazar Muskin, Senior Rabbi, Young Israel of Century City, Los Angeles, CA

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