Mazal tov to Rabbi Steven Goldsmith '98 of Kfar HaRoeh on the publication of the latest sefer in his series Imra Tzerufa: 
אמרה צרופה על מסכת מנחות - ענייני סת"ם וציצית
published by Machon Be'er HaTorah.


Rabbi Goldsmith first studied the issues of Stam with Harav Aharon Lichtenstein zt"l and Rav Danny Wolf in the Kollel Gavoha in 5767. He also acknowledges the important contributions of Rav Yair Kahn's שיעורי הגרי"ד על סת"ם and Rav Yehdua Rock's עבד המלך.
The book can be ordered from the author: 054-366-0226, 718-245-6823,