Shael '72 and Sabina Frimer, marriage of their daughter Yocheved and Elyashiv Ofan from Ofra, and the marriage of their daughter Tzvia and Ariel Zaid from Natanya.

Aryeh '78 and Yocheved Fund, grandson, Adir Betzalel, born to their daughter (studied at Migdal Oz - 2005/2006) Adina and and son-in-law Tuvia Cannon.
Carl '79 and Adina Sherer, granddaughter, Rivka Feiga, born to their daughter Avigayil and son-in-law Rabbi Levy Sheinfeld. 
Gil '87 and Rina Reich, grandson, Yishai, born to to Ari & Tamar (who are at the Yeshiva, where Ari is a Madrich for Shana Bet).
Yitzchak '88 and Ditza Berger, marriage of their daughter Sara to Moshe Greenberg.
Reuven '91 and Judy Rosenstark, granddaughter Maya Zohar, born to their daughter Shifra and son-in-law Yair Jablinowtz.