Poland-5771-Sokolow-webThe final week of Zman Choref found 30 talmidim traveling on a Shorashim Masa to Poland, together with Rav Beni Kalmanson, Rav Shalom Berger, Rav Shlomo Brin and Rav Yair Kahn. The 10 day journey included exploring Jewish life in Poland before the war, meetings with some extraordinary people and dialoguing with the current Polish Jewish community. Read more about one Polish woman with whom they met.
Friday_morning_in_KielceThe Kielce pogrom took place a year after the end of World War II. A mob of townsfolk including members of the new Polish government attacked following a false tale of child kidnapping, and allegations of blood libel. The incident shocked Jews in Poland and is considered a catalyst for the flight of Jewish-Polish Holocaust survivors from the country. Talmidim stand around the monument commemorating the victims dedicated on the 60th anniversary of the pogrom.

Poland 5771 Photo Album 

Dancing where Rabbi Yitzchak Meir zt"l founded the Gerrer dynasty. During his seven years of leadership, the Chassidus flourished, causing it to be known as the "seven years of plenty." Yeshivat Har Etzion and Yeshivat Eretz HaTzvi in Gur, Poland. To the right: overview of the trip.


Three fathers joined the trip to Poland: Bruce Newman, father of Zev, Joseph Richter, father of Ben, and Dr. Ronald Nagel, father of Josh (and Zev '00).  Dr. Nagel shared his impressions of the trip, and ambivalence about visiting Poland, in a heartfelt letter which we invite you to read on the Yeshiva website.


All have returned safely from Poland.

דברים פרק ד
ט) רַק הִשָּׁמֶר לְךָ וּשְׁמֹר נַפְשְׁךָ מְאֹד פֶּן תִּשְׁכַּח אֶת הַדְּבָרִים אֲשֶׁר רָאוּ עֵינֶיךָ וּפֶן יָסוּרוּ מִלְּבָבְךָ כֹּל יְמֵי חַיֶּיךָ וְהוֹדַעְתָּם לְבָנֶיךָ וְלִבְנֵי בָנֶיךָ