HaKol Kol Yaakov

אין לך תפילה שמועלת שאין בה מזרעו של יעקב  - גיטין נז





Nearly 10 years ago, our world was torn apart when Yaakov Levi Matanky z”l ('99)—and his glorious voice—left it. He was the kind, caring, light-hearted young man who could make anyone smile. Many of us think about him every day, some think about him every month, some think about him several times a year. We all think about him on the 2nd of Av, the day when he left us. Help us channel those thoughts to give Yaakov’s voice life.

Yaakov invested his voice in Camp Moshava Wild Rose. Yaakov’s voice has always been heard in Wild Rose, where he spent nearly every summer of his life. Yaakov loved Camp Moshava and wanted to spread the joy of its experiences to every child and teen. He spoke out in favor of Camp and promoted it to all who would listen. Please help us make the Camp and its invaluable Jewish experiences available to more children and teens.

Yaakov’s voice lives on in our memories. We have memories of him singing, speaking, laughing, smiling, laining, leading, and doing thousands of other things, big and small. We have memories of him from Chicago, from Israel, from Camp and from sitting on the benches outside of Yeshiva University. Help us share those memories with each other, with the world, and most importantly with Yaakov’s family.


From Ira Karoll:

It is hard to imagine that it has been a full decade since the loss of our beloved Yaakov z'l. As the tenth yahrtzeit approaches, we would like to respectfully ask the community of Yaakov's friends and family to devote this week, and particularly this Shabbat, Bet Av (the actual date of the yahrzeit) to learning le-ilui nishmato, in the following ways:
1) We would like to, over the course of the week, complete between ourselves the entire Shisha Sidrei Mishna. What a beautiful tribute to Yaakov's memory that would be, if we could find the time this week to spend even ten minutes a day during the week learning in his memory. You can sign up at:  http://www.lzechernishmas.com/signup.php?id=1154

2) This Shabbat afternoon, we would like to suggest that people make the effort to gather--- either be-chevruta, or in shiurim---- to learn together in memory of Yaakov, wherever they may be throughout the world.  Please let us know at info@HaKolKolYaakov.org, so that we can list on the website all of the groups and shiurim that will meet this Shabbat to honor Yaakov.

To see what other people are doing, share a memory of Yaakov, or read other's memories, please check for regular updates at http://www.hakolkolyaakov.org/