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 Issue #4 Tishrei 5770

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Talmidim in Shiur Klali Elul 5769


Tishrei 5770


From the Desk of Dr. Meyer Brayer


Dear Alumni,


On behalf of the Roshei Yeshiva, the Ramim and everyone here at Yeshivat Har Etzion, we wish you and your family our very best wishes for a Shana Tova. May it be a year of good health and happiness, spiritual growth, besorot tovot and shalom in every sense of the word for Klal Yisrael. Read more.

Alumni Achievements  

Sammy (Shmuel Tzvi) Steiner ('06-'08), a Junior at YU majoring in English, at his initiative, accompanied a Nefesh B'Nefesh flight to Israel this summer and will write about the aliyah process for the YU Commentator. Gush alumnus Brad Rubin '08 PC was on the flight.  


Click for complete list of recent alumni achievements.


Alumni Feature Story

The Suna Family


David Suna's connection with Yeshivat Har Etzion began when he was 8 days old. During his bechina with Harav Lichtenstein in 12th grade at MTA high school in NY, Harav Lichtenstein told him that he had attended his brit, since he was friendly with David's parents, Rav Yitzhak z"l and Hadassah, she'tibadel lechaim. David came to Yeshiva for the year in 1983 and studied Ketubot in Rav Ezra Bick's shiur. Read more.

Building and Reuniting


Hillel Maizels and Avi Zimmerman


As the years pass by, it's not uncommon for Gushnikim to bump into each other and sometimes even get together to catch up. Yet, how often does it happen that Gushnikim find their paths not only coinciding but also intertwining? Read more.



Gemara Survey among American HS Seniors


Aaron Ross '92 recently completed his doctorate at Yeshiva University's Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration on the topic of "Motivational Issues in the Study of Gemara among American High School Senior Boys."  The study surveyed 112 high school seniors from four New York area high schools in an effort to gauge their motivation to learn Gemara, their affinity for their Rebbeim, possible influences on both of those sentiments, and to see the relationship between love of learning and closeness to the Rebbe. Read more. 

Thank you to Rav Rafi Ostroff and Ilan Osrin

For almost 30 years, the Yeshiva has been working in partnership with World Bnei Akiva on the highly successful MTA program. During Zman Elul, the Overseas Ramim came together with students and alumni of MTA in order to show their gratitude and appreciation to Rav Rafi Ostroff and Ilan Osrin who are leaving their positions in Bnei Akiva after many years of working with MTA. Rav Moshe Aberman's tribute was followed by Asher Marcus and Ethan Genende who spoke on behalf of the talmidim, and Rav Yair Kahn made a presentation to Rav Rafi and Ilan on behalf of the Yeshiva.

News from Migdal Oz


This year at the Stella K. Abraham Beit Midrash for Women in Migdal Oz  there are: 31 Shana Aleph students from overseas (3 from the UK, 3 from Canada and 25 from the U.S) and 2 Shana Bet students from the U.S.  The program is fully integrated with the Israeli program which this year has an enrollment of 65 Shana Aleph and 25 Shana Bet Israeli young women. It's not always easy for the overseas students to acclimate, but with their outstanding Hebrew, incredible motivation and great ruach, together with the ongoing day-to-day help of two very special Madrichot - Nechama Twersky and Racheli (Rhein) Schmell - (Mazal Tov Racheli on the birth of Ori!), the year has gotten off to a successful beginning. Behatzlacha! 


Alumni News

The section of this newsletter over which we fret the most!!

We do our best to include all relevant information accurately, but undoubtedly have missed something – our apologies mei-rosh - please send your news to:

Alumni News


Zvi Lando '81 and Betty Hyman

Abe Mezrich '98 PC and Kathi Lipman

Menachem Lazar '98 and Abby Atlas

Aly Singer '98 and Clara Manson

Josh Frankel '99 and Rachel Berger

Eytan Guenzburger '99 and Judith Zagoury

Chaim Garfinkel '00 and Sarah Leibert

Zev Nagel '00 and Na'amit Sturm

Azi Grysman '01 and Gavi Mintz

Adam Sales '01 and Liliana Martinez

Avi Levine '01 and Dorit Katzenelbogen

Alexander Chester '01 and Jennifer Gonik

Simmy Siegel '02 and Elana Brownstein

Jonathan Moses '03 and Rebecca Margolies MO '07

Yisroel Cohen '03 and Yael Richtman

Lance Blumenthal '03 and Nikia Evian

Shlomo Shellim '03 and Tammy Steiner

Dani Shaffren '04 and Ariella Ross

Daniel Gutenberg '04 and Talya Adler

Aharon Herskovitz '04 H and Shira Sokol

Zalman Bassin '04 and Talya Balbin

Noam Friedman '07 and Shiffy Staiman MO '06

Avishai Fuss '07 and Keren Schaum MO '07

Avinoam and Eli Jacobs


Marriages of Children

Meir '72 and Malkah Schweiger on the marriage of Moshe Tzvi and Tzruya Schwartz

Rav Elyakim '72 and Sara Krumbein on the marriage of Bat-Tzion and Guy Aviram

Avi '76 and Rivi Katz on the marriage of Dena MO '04 and Avi Block

David '77 and Shira Koppel on the marriage of Mordechai (YHE machzor 36) and Yardanna Platt

Rav Shlomo and Tali Brin on the marriage of Michal and Eliav and to grandparents, Harav Yehuda and Miriam Amital



Moshe '78 and Johanna Kestenbaum, Yocheved Shoshana, Jerusalem

Eliezer '83 and Shuly Kwass, Shmuel, Ramat Beit Shemesh

Jonny '83 and Toni Glass, twin boys: Aharon Tuvya and Daniel Shaul, Cape Town, South Africa

Raphael '85 and Tamar Danzger, Yehoshua Simcha, NYC

Uri '87 and Devorah Meth, Zecharya Yehoshua, Baltimore, MD

Lawrence '87 and Adina Burian, Bluma Gittel (Erin Giselle), New Rochelle, NY

Avshalom '88 and Karin Hepner, Avishai Joseph, Irvine, CA

Michael '89 and Yaffa Eisenberg, Nili Yocheved, Jerusalem

Jonny '90 and Sarit Gelberg, Maya, Modiin

Gili '91 and Chaya Houpt, Boaz Avraham, Passaic, NJ

Jason '91 and Meira Rappoport, Moriya, New Haven, CT

Nasanayl '92 and Tamar Braun, twins: Talia and Shai, Longbranch, NJ

Aaron '94 and Adena Frazer, Rivka Adi, Alon Shevut

Yehuda '94 and Lisa Septimus, Dalya, Woodmere, NY

Ramon '94 and Julie Widmonte, Batya Chaya, Glenhazel, South Africa

Yoni '94 and Tami Ross, Noam Dvir, Modiin

Aton '95 and Rachel Holzer, Alter Chaim David, Birmingham, Alabama

Chaim '95 and Deena Grant Davis, Elisheva Chana, NYC

Ari '95 and Aviva Heller, Gavriel Akiva, Jerusalem

Reuven '95 and Nechama Weiser, Avigayil Rivka, Efrat

Yoram '96 and Ayelet Schwell, Yitzchak, Katzrin

Chaim '96 PC and Shari Saiman, Ayala Tirzah, Bala Cynwyd, PA

Yoni '96 and Sivan Tuchman, Rephael Yeshua, Valley Village, CA

Benjy '96 and Emily Rickman, Yeshaya Leib, Manchester, England

Benji '96 and Alisa Zimmerman, Aharon Arye, Jerusalem

Marc '97 and Heidi Romain, Ashira Ora, Johannesburg, South Africa

Simcha '97 and Rachel Schaum, Ayelet Rut, Teaneck, NJ

Yehuda '97 and Rifky Cohen, Devorah Chava, Chicago, IL

Jonny '97 and Lauren Newman, Shaindel Tzipporah, London, England

Yonah '97 and Lisa Feldman, Noah Bernard (Noach Zalman Beir), Plainview, NY

David '98 and Yael Goldfischer, Akiva Moshe, Teaneck, NJ

Naftali '98 and Freida Rothman, Ariella, Bergenfield, NJ

Jonathan '98 PC and Atara Snowbell, Naveh Shlomo, Alon Shevut

Jeffrey '98 and Allison Miller, Anna Sophie (Chana Esther), NYC

Moshe '99 and Mirel Stavsky, Shira Leba, NYC

Ira Karoll '99 and Shoshi Butler, Michael Frank, Pittsburgh, PA

Aaron '99 and Chaya Segal, Yonatan Yitzchak, South Bend, Indiana

Arye '00 and Aliza Sokol, Eliana Ahuva, Alon Shevut

Dov '00 and Rachel Erdfarb, Yaakov Alexander, Bergenfield, NJ

Stephen '01 and Tamar Kaye, Bracha Ashira, Alon Shevut

Jeremy '01 and Aviva Stern, Ateret Nechama, NYC

Meir '01 and Maya Perez, Ayelet, Johannesburg, SA

Ephraim '01 PC and Sarah Mernick, Akiva Chanoch, Riverdale, NY

Danny '01 and Riki Friedman, Mia Bruria, Bellevue Hill, Australia

Avi '01 and Daniela Ziskind, Hillel Nechemya, Stony Brook, NY

Shmuel '01 and Tali Kagan, Yedidya Moshe, Jerusalem

Baruch '01 and Emma Baigel, Tzuriel Shaanan, Jerusalem

Leron '02 and Sarah Bernstein, Yehuda Moshe, Ma'aleh Adumim

Jonathan '02 and Shari Lauer, Avraham Meir, NYC

Etan '02 and Sarah Bendheim, Le'eila Tal, NYC

Aaron '02 and Miriam Frolich, Shir'el Chaya, Givat Shmuel

Jarred '02 and Aimee Bloch, girl, Johannesburg, South Africa

Avinoam '03 and Golda Erdfarb, Yitzchak Gamliel, NYC

Russell ('07 Kollel) and Miriam Levy, David Moshe, Toronto, Canada


Births of Grandchildren

Nissan '72 and Felice Zisken on the birth of  Roni and to parents Ariel ('07 Kollel) and Yael Zisken

Meir '72 and Malkah Schweiger on the birth of Eyran and to parents, Peretz and Yasmin Schweiger

Mordechai '74 and Sema Reich on birth of Avigayil Rivka and to parents Reuven '95 and Nechama Weiser

Alan '78 and Batya Yaniger on the birth of Yonatan Yehuda and to parents Meir and Avital

Rav Danny '75 and Susan Wolf on the birth of Reishit Amana and to parents Raheli and Yehiel Cohen and Ye'ala and to parents Tali and Noam Bouskila

Rav Danny and Tova Rhein on the birth of Aharon Arye to Benji '96 and Alisa Zimmerman and Ori Yisrael to Raheli (madricha in Migdal Oz) and David Schmell (former Darkaynu madrich), and to grandparents Yeshiva accountant Chaim and Sima Schmell.


Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

Malkie Koppel (Moshe '74 and Channah), Efrat

Michal Fund (Aryeh '78 and Yocheved), Efrat

Yitzchak Lindenbaum (Nathan '78 and Yocheved), Teaneck, NJ

Daniella Kestenbaum (Moshe '78 and Johanna), Jerusalem

Avinoam Katsman (Daniel '79 and Hannah), Petach Tikva

Elana Rabinovich (Larry '80 and Deena), Flushing, NY

Bracha Esther Jachter (Chaim 81 and Malca), Teaneck, NJ

Aaron Shmidman (Yoseph '82 and Yaffi), Jerusalem

Amichai Zerach Berger (Shalom '83 and Rachel), Alon Shevut

Uriel Suna (David '83 and Susan), Alon Shevut

Noam Moshe Waxman (Chanoch '84 and Michelle), Alon Shevut

Yael Glatt (David '85 and Michal), Beit Shemesh

Roi Arye Platzky (Darren '85 and Rozanne), Tel Mond

Yehuda Berman (Ari '87 and Anita), Neve Daniel

Revital Chavel (Simi '87 and Audrey), Evanston, IL

Ayala Chaja Pluznik (Jerome '88 and Michal), Zurich, Switzerland

Meital Zimbalist (Jonathan '88 and Hili), Merion Station, PA

AJ Baumol (Avi '88 and Hadley), Efrat

Baruch Rosenstark (Reuven '91 Kollel and Judy), Efrat

Moshe Schorr (Elli '92 and Efrat), Alon Shevut



Zvi '82 and Deena Kahane, Beit Shemesh

Robbie '94 and Jenny Sassoon, Maale Adumim

Mitch '95 and Tova Rich, Ramat Beit Shemesh

Yoram '96 and Ayelet Schwell, Katzrin

Daniel Hofbauer '98, Jerusalem

Avi '98 and Esthie Rosenblatt, Beit Shemesh

Bruno '01 and Rachel Belaciano, Haifa

Dale '02 and Batya Schaffer, Givat Shmuel

Amiel Rieger '03, Yeshiva

Sammy Chester '03, Tirat Tzvi and army

Liron Smadja '03, Jerusalem

Levi Frolich '05, Jerusalem

Ilan Buchbinder '06, Yeshiva

Rael Olwyn '08, Yeshiva

Brad Rubin '08 PC, Yeshiva




Steve Ehrenhalt '78 on the loss of his father, Mr. Sam Ehrenhalt z"l

Maury Kelman '83 on the loss of his father, Rabbi Joseph Kelman z"l

Perez Hochbaum '82 on the loss of his mother, Mrs. Ruth Tager z"l

Asher Meir '86 PC on the loss of his father, Mr. George (Yaakov) Meyers z"l

To Debby Friedman on the loss of her mother, Mrs. Channa Korn z"l

To Rosh HaYeshiva Harav Yaakov Medan on the loss of his mother, Mrs. Leah Medan z"l


המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים



In Memoriam


The Yeshiva mourns the tragic death of Har Etzion Hesder talmid Uriel Peretz Liwerant z"l who died al Kiddush Hashem in a tank accident during a training exercise in the Golan Heights on Wednesday, August 5, 2009 (15 Av). Uriel, the tank commander, was killed and three other crew members were lightly injured. Uriel, 21, of Efrat, was born in Jerusalem to American olim parents, Aharon and Joni. He is buried in Har Herzl in Jerusalem.


"Uriel personified gentleness and at the same time, readiness to lead, as he showed as the commander of his tank," said Rav Yaakov Fischer, Rosh Yeshiva of Neveh Shmuel High School, where Uriel studied before beginning his Hesder studies at Yeshivat Har Etzion. Rav Fisher described Uriel as "a real tzaddik, a brilliant student who would have become a Talmid Chacham." Yehi zichro baruch. Read more.



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The Yeshiva's USA Office Has Moved!




The Yeshiva's Etzion Foundation office has moved to Teaneck, NJ to accommodate its growing needs. The new office space now includes a conference room for shiurim and meetings.




Harav Baruch Gigi affixes mezuza to new office,
during a visit to USA.



Contact information:

The Etzion Foundation
111 Galway Place, Suite 203
Teaneck NJ 07666

Tel.: 212-732- GUSH (4874)
Fax. 201-833-0833
E-mail :


Executive Vice President: Yoel Weiss

Executive Director: Shirley Schuster

Alumni Coordinator: Jeremy Schwarzbaum




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Pictures in this issue are courtesy of
Gershon Elinson, Yehoshua HaLevi, Eliyahu Yanai, and staff photographers.