Herzog College's Yemei Iyun BeTanakh 5778
Shiurim for your viewing pleasure:

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  1. David's Sons: Punishment, Repentance and Redemption - Dr. Yael Ziegler
  2. Tehillim And Tefilla - Rabbi Mosheh Lichtenstein
  3. How did the Rabbis come up with all this? Case studies in understanding peshat and midrash - Rabbi Yitzchak Twersky
  4. Hagai's Pedagogical Message: A Workshop Implementing Lev L'Da'at "Tools" - Mrs. Chaviva Speter
  5. Teaching Today - Teacher stories in Sefer Shmuel - Rabbi Yuval Olivestone
  6. Leading meaningful and though-provoking class discussions in Tanach classes - Dr. Ilana Turetsky
  7. Tanakh education in Israel and Hutz La'aretz: A moderated conversation - Panel Discussion with Rabbi Yehuda Tropper, Rabbi Dr. Barry Kislowicz, and Mrs. Gitta Neufeld; Moderator: Rabbi Dr. Shalom Berger
  8. Technology supported content-based teaching - Rabbi David Fohrman, Smadar Goldstein
  9. Innovation and technology in support of classroom teaching - Rabbi Daniel Wolf, Rabbi Hillel Novetsky, Mr. Eran Shafir
  10. Weather and Environment in Shir Hashirim - Rabbi Moshe Taragin
  11. "... des vêtements de peau, et les revêtit": Le vêtement dans la Tora - Dr. Shmuel Wygoda
  12. The Biblical Origins of the Midrash of Avraham the Iconoclast - Rabbi Nathaniel Helfgot
  13. Peshat vs. Halakha: An Eye for an Eye and other cases - Rav Yehuda Rock
  14. And There was Evening and There was Morning - The dispute between Rashbam and ibn Ezra about Shabbat - Rabbi Prof. Meir (Martin) Lockshin
  15. Biblical Roots of Midrashic Stories - Towards an Understanding of Midrashic Methodology - Rabbi Moshe Shulman
  16. Sefer Bemidbar: Let's Get This Straight - Rabbi Gad Dishi
  17. The Essence of Pesach Sheini - Rabbi Dr. Aaron Adler
  18. Mei Meriva: When it Happened, Why it Happened and How it Happened - Rabbi Menachem Leibtag
  19. A Man, His Father and a Maiden - Amos' Oracle Against Israel - Rabbi Yitzchak Etshalom
  20. Floods and Fertility: Contextualizing Bereishit 1-11 - Prof. Shalom E. Holtz
  21. How Awesome Is This Place! (Bereshit 28:17)- Where Was It That Jacob Became Awestruck? - Rabbi Dr. Shalom Berger



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