Please call our office 02-9937300 or email in advance, to allow us to prepare for your visit!


From Jerusalem by bus:

Egged bus lines 264, 361 and 364 will take you to Alon Shevut. Consult Egged to find the bus to suit your schedule.


From Jerusalem by taxi:

If you prefer, Galgalei Etzion is one of several taxi services that you can call. 02-9931-932 or 050-593-1932.


From Jerusalem by car:

Begin Highway to Gush Etzion.

Driving from Gilo, take a right turn at Tzomet HaMinharot [the Tunnels junction] onto Highway 60.

Driving from Talpiot/Derech Chevron, take a left turn at Tzomet HaMinharot [the Tunnels junction] onto Highway 60.

Proceed south on Highway 60 for a distance of 14.2 kilometers, [you will pass exits for Neve Daniel, Elazar and Efrat].

At the large traffic circle [Tzomet Gush Etzion], take the first right turn onto Highway 367.

After 529 meters, you will be entering Alon Shevut thru the "New Gate." Proceed on Rechov Meginei HaGush, until you reach the "kikar" - Alon Shevut's traffic circle. Take the second right onto Rechov HaShayarot. Next right turn, proceed onto Rechov HaTeena. That will curve around and you will see Rechov HaYeshiva. Take a right turn, drive up the hill until you reach the yeshiva's main parking lot. The entire trip is a bit more than 17 kilometers, roughly a 20-minute drive.


Enjoy your visit.