The Etzion Update is the news publication of Yeshivat Har Etzion.

The most recent issue is Winter 5784/2024. 

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Archives of Etzion Update

Winter 5784/2024

Summer 5783/2023

Winter 5783/2023

Summer 5782/2022

Winter 5782/2021-22

Elul 5781/Summer 2021

Winter 5781/2021

Summer 5780/2020

Winter 5780/2020

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Winter 5779/2019

Summer 5778/2018

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Summer 5777/2017

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Summer 5776/2016

Winter 5776/2016

Summer 2015 - Special Edition in Memory of Harav Aharon Lichtenstein zt"l

Winter 5775/2015

Summer 2014/5774

Winter 2014/5774

Summer 2013/5773

Winter 2012/5773

Spring 2012/5772

Winter 2011/5772

Spring 2011/5771

Winter 2010/5771

This issue includes a special section "Remembering Harav Amital zt"l." Many alumni  have chosen to remember Harav Amital by naming their newborn babies after him. The photo gallery included in this issue includes some of those babies. May their parents be zocheh to raise them le-Torah, le-chuppa, u-le-ma'asim tovim!

Please note: Several new pictures have since been added to our archives, and we include them here for your viewing pleasure.

In memory of Harav Amital zt"l

Summer 2010/5770

Winter 2009/5770

Spring 2009/5769

Winter 5769 - Special 40th Anniversary Edition

Winter 2008/5768

Autumn 2006/5767- Welcome Yeshivat Darkaynu

Winter 2006/5766 - Investiture of New Roshei Yeshiva

Summer 2005/5765 - Lag BaOmer Celebration in Honor of Harav Amital's 80th Bday

Special Letter - Reflections of a Parent

Autumn 2004/5765 Spiritual Leadership for the Future

Update Winter 2003-04/5764 Dedication of Colton Beit Midrash Plaza

Winter 2003/5763 Kollel Gavoah - Spiritual Leaders for Today

Winter 2003 - Special Herzog Insert Including review of Leaves of Faith

Spring 2003/5763 Dinner 2003

Yizkor - Matanky - Jesner Remembering Yaakov Levi Matanky Z"L and Yoni Jesner HY"D

Winter 2002/5762 Chesed Program Expanded at Yeshiva

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