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Mazal tov to Dukie ’03 and Shari Morduchowitz on the birth of Esther Malka.
Mazal tov to Meir ’05 and Shani Lindenbaum on the birth of a boy, Noam Lev. Mazal tov also to Meir’s parents, Nathan ’78 and Yocheved Lindenbaum. Mazla tov also to aunts and uncles, Rabbi Shua Lindenbaum ’01, Atara Bressman ’03MO, Miriam ’09MO and Asher ’08 Lindenbaum, and Yitzi Lindenbaum ’14.
A belated mazal tov to Raffi ’12 and Yael Wiesen on the birth of Ezra Tzvi. Mazal tov also to aunts and uncles, Ari Wiesen ’95, Rav Yair Hindin ’98, Dr. Yonatan Wiesen ’99, and Rena Whistler ’04MO.
Mazal tov to Ariel ’15 and Kayla Altaras on the birth of a boy.
Mazal tov to Daniel ’09 and Tehilla Gross on the birth of Amichai Michael.
Mazal tov to Elliot ’12 and Sarah Salinger on the birth of Orit Aliza.
Mazal tov to Sammy ’06 and Yael Steiner on the birth of a boy.
Mazal tov to Rabbi Daniel ’92 and Anna Yolkut on the bar mitzvah of their son, Yehuda.