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Mazal tov to Elazar Cramer ’19 on his engagement to Noa Muscat.
Mazal tov to former madrich bnei chul Eitan Raye ’16H on his engagement to Noa Rockman ’16MO. Mazal tov also to Eitan’s parents, Daniel ’89 and Rebecca Raye. Mazal tov also to Noa’s parents, Darren ’87 and Migdal Oz CEO Yael Rockman. Mazal tov also to Eitan’s sister, Maayani Raye ’18MO, and to Noa’s siblings, former madrich bnei chul David Rockman ’14H and Tamar Rockman ’19MO.
Mazal tov to Tzvi ’05 and Metuka Feifel on making aliya.
Mazal tov to Rabbi Barry ’96 and Dina Kornblau on making aliya.
Mazal tov to Jonathan Crane ’17 on his engagement to Leba Wilamowsky.
Mazal tov to Rav Dr. Shalom ’77 and Rachel Berger on the forthcoming marriage of their daughter Tamar to Itamar Ohana.
Mazal tov to Rabbi Eli Cohn ’00 and Ilana Levin on the birth of a boy. Mazal tov also to aunts and uncles: Rav Micky Siev ’95, Tani Cohn ’06, Vigi 08 and Naomi Katlowitz 08 MO,Yehuda ’08 and Esther ’10MO Cohn, and Betzalel ’12H and Elisheva ’15MO Cohn. And, per their special request, mazal tov also to Eli’s parents, Rav Joel and Shulamith Cohn.