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Mazal tov to Rav Doniel and Aviva Schreiber on the engagement of their son Aharon to Aderet Levy.Mazal tov also to Aharon’s siblings, Devora ’08MO, Chani ’09 MO, Rivky ’13MO, and Shira ’15MO.
Mazal tov to Eliav Grossman ’11 on his engagement to Gabby Lovett. Mazal tov also to Eliav’s parents, Dr. Hillel Grossman ’77 and Deborah Braverman. Mazal tov also to Eliav’s brother, Rav Aminadav Grossman ’09. 
Mazal tov to former madrich bnei chul Yaakov Neustadter ’14H on his engagement to Atira Grossman ’15MO. Mazal tov also to Yaakov’s parents, David ’87 and Leah Neustadter. Mazal tov also to Atira’s parents, Rav Dr. Shamai ’81 and Sharon Grossman. Mazal tov also to Yaakov’s brother, Elyasaf ’15H. Mazal tov also to Atira’s siblings, Ezra ’11H, Meira ’18MO, Tehilla ’20MO and (be”H) Eliana ’22MO. 
Mazal tov to Ariel Wernick ’17 on his engagement to Zehava Seidman ’16MO. Mazal tov also to Zehava’s brother, Eli ’18, and sister Miriam Seidman Lindenbaum 09MO.
Mazal tov to Joseph Greenstein ’17MTA on his engagement to Meital Zimbalist. Mazal tov also to Meital’s parents, Jonathan ’88 and Hailey Zimbalist. Mazal tov also to Joseph's brother Aaron '20MTA, and to Meital's brother Aiden (shiur bet).
Mazal tov to Meir Kerzner ’17 on his engagement to Jordana Jacobs.
Mazal tov to Victor ’89 and Caroline Ofstein on the recent marriage of their son Shalom to Yocheved Davidowitz.
Mazal tov to “Shira B” and Rabbi Bezalel Borstein on the birth of a granddaughter, born to Hadassah and Shlomo Dahan. 
Mazal tov to Rabbi Gabe ’09 and Dr. Debra ’09MO Falk on the birth of a boy. Mazal tov also to uncles Aryeh Falk ’02, Avi Strauss ’02, and Boaz Cohen ’04. 
Mazal tov to Jacob ’07 and Dana Warren on the birth of Yakira Dorit.
Mazal tov to Chayim Goldberg ’03 on his engagement to Chava Wernick. 
Mazal tov to Shmuel Adler ’18 on his engagement to Aviva Stieglitz.
Mazal tov to Rav Ryan ’10PC and Yael Levin on the birth of a boy. 
Mazal tov to Yonatan Weiss ’18 on making aliya. 
Mazal tov to Itai Eliach ’18 on making aliya.
A belated double mazal tov to Ari Abramowitz ’13 on his marriage to Sara Kinstlinger and on making aliya!