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Mazal tov to Dov ’10PC and Shani Lerner on the birth of a girl, Eden.
Mazal tov to Shalom ’11 and Rivka ’11MO Rosenbaum on the birth of a boy. Mazal tov also to Shalom’s brother, Aryeh ’08. Mazal tov also to Rivka’s uncle, Eli Weber, Director of the Overseas Program.
Mazal tov to Daniel Edery ’16 on his engagement to Ruthi Wasserman.
Mazal tov to former madrich bnei chul Yoni ’12 and Avigayil Nouriel on the birth of a girl.
Mazal tov to current rakaz bnei chul Ari ’14 and Noa ’17MO Bar-Shain on the birth of Talya Shoshana. Mazal tov also to Ari’s parents, Dr. David ’84 and Rebecca Bar-Shain. Mazal tov also to Ari’s brothers, Noah ’12 and Yonah ’17.
Mazal tov to Ari ’97 and Sara Weiss on the birth of a boy.
Mazal tov to Ariel ’10 and Alexa Futter on the birth of Meira Na’ama. Mazal tov also to Ariel’s brother, Akiva ’11.
Mazal tov to Yonah Bar-Shain ’17 on his engagement to Tamar Spiegelman. Mazal tov again also to Yonah’s parents, Dr. David ’84 and Rebecca Bar-Shain, and to Yonah’s siblings, Noah ’12 and Ari ’14.
Mazal tov to Jonathan ’99 and Adina Heinberg on the bar mitzva of their son Eliezer.
Mazal tov to Meiron Jacobson ’16MTA on his recent marriage to Kayla Levy.
Mazal tov to former MTA madrich Sam Cohen ’16MTA on his engagement to Jessa Marx.
Mazal tov to Daniel Rapp ’16MTA on his engagement to Tamar Abramson. Mazal tov also to Tamar’s brother, Dani ’16.
Mazal tov to Daniel ’16MTA and Chaya Riesenburg on the birth of Ella. Mazal tov also to Daniel’s brother, Gabriel ’18MTA.