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Mazal tov to Rav Mordechai and Debby Friedman on the birth of twin grandsons, Tzion and Kedem, born to Hallel ’14H and Rachel Tannenbaum. Mazal tov also to Uncle Yaakov Friedman ’08H.
Mazal tov to Tani ’08 and Molly Isaac on the birth of Avigayil Miriam (Abigail Rose).
Mazal tov to Noam ’05 and former MO madricha Tikva ’09MO Mirvis on the birth of a girl. Mazal tov also to Noam’s parents, Rabbi Ephraim ’76 and Valerie Mirvis, and to aunts and uncles, Hillel Mirvis ’01, Rabbi Danny Mirvis ’03, Dr. Eitan Mirvis ’07, and Rabbi Jonathan ’06 and Ora Ziring ’19MO.
Mazal tov to Rabbi Steven ’98 and Shira ’03MO Exler on the birth of a boy. Mazal tov also to Shira’s siblings, David Billet ’95, Rabbi Avi Billet ’96, and Nava Billet Teger ’04MO.
Mazal tov to Dani ’08MTA and Liora Freidus on the birth of Ezra Avraham Chaim.
Mazal tov to Asher Parkes ’11MTA on his engagement to Tash Cohen.
Mazal tov to Yeshiva librarian Aharon ’75 and Leora Bejell and to Steve ’78 Ehrenhalt and Adina Ehrenhalt on the engagement of their children, Chananel Bejell and Noa Ehrenhalt. Mazal tov also to Chananel’s brother, Shmuel ’02H.
Mazal tov to Rabbi Dr. Shlomo ’05 and Chana Zuckier on the birth of a girl. Mazal tov also to Shlomo’s parents, Lyle ’77 and Lydia Zuckier. Mazal tov also to Shlomo’s brother, Ben-Tzion ’17.
Mazal tov to Simmy ’02 and Elana Siegel on the birth of Moriah Pearl.
Mazal tov to Rav Tzvi Chaim and Tamar Kaye on the bat mitzvah of their daughter, Bracha.
Mazal tov to Yehuda ’08 and Talia Holzer on the birth of Kai Reuven. Mazal tov also to Yehuda’s brother, Raffi ’06.
Mazal tov to Gilad ’06 and Tzippy Bendheim on the birth of Gavriel David. Mazal tov also to Gilad’s brothers, Dani ’89 and Etan ’02.
Mazal tov to Rabbi Greg ’06MTA and Hannah Bank on the birth of a boy.
Mazal tov to Philip ’14 and Sara Meyer on the birth of a boy.
Mazal tov to Jonny Ufland ’04 on his engagement to Ashley Small.
Mazal tov to Yair Lichtman ’13 on his engagement to Sara Krishtul.
Mazal tov to Rafi Kepecs ’17 on his engagement to Arianne Rothschild.
Mazal tov to Dovi ’10 and Michelle ’12MO Nadel on the birth of Maya Zahava. Mazal tov also to Dovi’s siblings, Yoni ’13, Cobi ’15 and Ayelet ’15MO, and Yossi ’18.