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Mazal tov to Avi Braun ’18 on his engagement to Brocha Silverman. Mazal tov also to Avi’s parents, Rabbi Nasanayl ’92 and Tamar Braun. Mazal tov also to Avi’s siblings, Tova ’18MO and Ariel ’19.
Mazal tov to Benjamin Wiener ’19 on his engagement to Amalya Tolchin ’20MO.
Mazal tov to Toby Weiniger ’17 on his engagement to Bracha Lawrence. Mazal tov also to Bracha’s brother, Rafi ’11MTA.
Mazal tov to Levi ’05 and Rivkah Frolich on the birth of a boy. Mazal tov also to Levi’s brother, Aaron ’02.
Mazal tov to Dylan Cooper ’13 on his engagement to Anna Cappell. Mazal tov also to Dylan’s brother, Jeremy ’12.
Mazal tov to Yair ’06 and Rachel Rosenberg on the birth of a girl.
Mazal tov to Yonatan Ovad ’17MTA on his engagement to Leeat Hatzav.
Mazal tov to Jonathan Sidney ’10MTA on his engagement to Timnah Weinstein. Mazal tov also to Timnah’s parents, Simon ’88MTA and Simona Weinstein.
Mazal tov to Judah Eisenman ’12 on his engagement to Shira Cohen. Mazal tov also to Judah’s brother, Eli Eisenman ’17.
Mazal tov to Shalom Tzvi ’15K and Esther Shafier on the birth of Elisheva. Mazal tov also to Shalom Tzvi’s brother, Mordechai ’18PC.
Mazal tov to Raffi ’12 and Yael Wiesen on the birth of a daughter. Mazal tov also to aunts and uncles, Ari Wiesen ’95, Rabbi Yair ’98 and Talia Hindin, Dr. Yonatan Wiesen ’99, and Rena Whistler ’04MO.
Mazal tov to David Hain ’97 and Ariele Mortkowitz on the birth of a boy.