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Mazal tov to Yeshiva librarian Aharon ’75 and Leora Bejell on the birth of a grandson, born to Hodaya and JJ ’17K Hammer. Mazal tov also to Hodaya’s brother, Shmuel ’02H.
Mazal tov to Gabi ’00 and Yael Spiewak and family on making aliya!
Mazal tov to Elan ’93 and Jenny Zivotofsky on the recent marriage of their son Zechariah to Tahel Razi. Mazal tov also to Zechariah’s sister, current madricha bnot chul, Moriah ’16MO.
Mazal tov to Isaac Kurtz ’14 on his engagement to Reizl Halikman. Mazal tov also to Isaac’s brother, Ezra ’12.
Mazal tov to Elny Cohn ’15 on making aliya!
Mazal tov to JJ ’12 and Yonit Rosenberg on making aliya!