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Mazal tov to Nathan ’14MTA and Talia Seidman on the birth of a girl. 
Mazal tov to James ’13 and Judith Mindell on the birth of a boy. 
Mazal tov also to Judith’s brother, Liam Schaechter ’18.
Mazal tov to Dr. Mordechai ’99 and Jennifer Raskas on the birth of Yaakov Yitzchak. 
Mazal tov also to Mordechai’s brother, Daniel Raskas ’84. Mazal tov also to Jennifer’s father, Dr. Moshe Rubin ’76.
Mazal tov to Asher Finkelstein ’15 on his engagement to Avigayil Rosensweig.
Mazal tov also to Asher’s parents, Rabbi Joel ’81 and Bluma Finkelstein, and Asher’s brother, Tani Finkelstein ’17.
Mazal tov also to Avigayil’s parents, Rabbi Dr. Michael ’73 and Smadar Rosensweig, and Avigayil’s brothers, Rabbi Moshe Ariel Rosenweig ’03, Rabbi Itamar Rosensweig ’06, and Rav Avigdor Rosensweig ’09.