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Many alumni have chosen to remember HaRav Amital
by naming their newborn babies after him.

This photo gallery includes some of those babies:


  Amichai_Binyamin_Jackson-website  Yehuda_Amital_Weissman-website  Lev_Amital_Septimus-website  Gilad_Yehuda_Steindler-website

Amichai Binyamin Jackson, Yehuda Amitai Weissman, Lev Amital Septimus, Gilad Yehuda Steindler

Shlomo_Yehuda_Daniel-website  Eden_Yehudit_Roth-website  Tzvi_Amital_Marcus-website  Yehuda_Hendel_Yolkut-website

Shlomo Yehuda Daniel, Eden Yehudit Roth, Tzvi Amital Marcus, Yehuda Hendel Yolkut

Yehuda_Efraim_Gar-website  Dov_Malachi_Yehuda_Schreiber-website  Yitzchak_Yehuda_Arieh_Paves-website  Moshe_Yehuda_Luwisch-website

Yehuda Efraim Gar, Dov Malachi Yehuda Schreiber, Yitzchak Yehuda Arieh Paves, Moshe Yehuda Luwisch

Itai_Yehudah_Treger-2website  Matan_Yehuda_Ettinger-web  Tzvi_Yehuda_Bornstein-web  Yehuda_Klein-web

Itai Yehudah Treger, Matan Yehuda Ettinger, Tzvi Yehuda Bornstein, Yehuda Klein

Yehuda_Avichai_Greenfield-web   Daniel Yehuda Friedman-website   Amital Rappaport-son of yisrael-web
Yehuda Avichai Greenfield, Daniel Yehuda Friedman, Amital Rappaport


May you be zocheh to raise them le-Torah, le-chuppa, u-le-ma'asim tovim!