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Mazal tov to Dr. Elisha ’04 and Anna Fredman on the birth of Meirav Hodaya.
Mazal tov also to Elisha’s brother, Asher ’02.
Mazal tov to Yossi ’02 and Nicole Farkas on the birth of a girl.
Mazal tov to Shalom ’11 and Rivka Rosenbaum on the birth of a boy.
Mazal tov also to Shalom’s brother, Aryeh Rosenbaum ’08. Mazal tov also to Rivka’s uncle, Eli Weber, Director of the Overseas Program.
Mazal tov to Meir ’05 and Shani Lindenbaum on the birth of a boy.
Mazal tov also to Meir’s parents, Yocheved and Nathan ’78 Lindenbaum, and Meir’s siblings: Yocheved and Shua ’01 Lindenbaum, Atara ’03MO and Jeremy Bressman, Miriam ’09MO and Asher ’08 Lindenbaum, and Yitzy Lindenbaum ’14.
Mazal tov to Josh ’04 and Lani Berman on the birth of a girl.
Mazal tov also to Uncle Daniel ’07 Berman and Aunt Tami Berman ’14MO.
Mazal tov also to Josh’s grandmother, Dorothy Berman (Etzion Foundation past President), her husband Rabbi Julius Berman, and the entire family.

Mazal tov to Rav Mordechai and Debby Friedman on the birth of a granddaughter, born to their children Yitzchak and Roni Friedman.

Mazal tov to Gabe '09 and Debra Falk on the birth of Chana Meital.