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Mazal tov to Yehuda ’08 and Esther ’10MO Cohn on the birth of a boy.
Mazal tov also to uncles: Eli Cohn ’00, Tani Cohn ’06, Bezalel Cohn ’12H, Micky Siev ’95, and Zev Klapholz ’07.
Mazal tov to Josh ’01 and Miri Schainker on the birth of Eliyahu Yona (Ely).
Mazal tov to Rafi ’01 and Elana Rosman on the birth of Eliana Esther (Jordana Zoe).
Mazal tov to Yishai Brown '14 on his engagement to Alison Boltax.
Mazal tov to Jeremy Cooper '12 on his engagement to Ellin Mitchell. And to his brother Dylan '13!!
Mazal tov to Eitan Lipsky '14 on his engagement to Tehilla Berger.
Mazal tov to Rav Moshe and Atara Taragin on the birth of a granddaughter born to Shoshi and Gidon Kupietzky.
Mazal tov to Binyamin ’09 and Huvie Weinreich on the birth of Aharon Ovadiah.
Mazal tov to Rav Daniel ’86PC and Malky Meyers on the engagement of their daughter Rachaeli to Moshe Cassin.
Mazal tov to Rabbi Elliot ’07 and Rena Schrier on the birth of a boy.
Mazal tov also to Elliot’s brothers, Robbie ’10 and Jacob ’13.
Mazal tov to Michael '77 and Debra Berkowitz upon the marriage of their daughter Yael to Avi Salzman.
Mazal tov to Rav Yehuda '81 and Louisa Susman upon the marriage of their daughter Shani to Pe'er Efrati.

Mazal tov to Yakir '93 and Rachel Franklin on the bar mitzva of their son Yehuda Eliezer, Shabbat Parshat Vaykhel Pekudei (March 10).


May the children be raised leTorah, leChuppa, uleMa'asim Tovim, and the engagement/marriages be zocheh a bayit ne'eman.

SheYirbu semachot!!