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Mazal tov to Ben Watman '13 on his engagement to Rivka Last.
Mazal tov to Philip Meyer ’14 on his engagement to Sara Shkedy.
Mazal tov to Daniel Winer ’07 on his engagement to Racheli Teshuva.
Mazal tov to Rabbi Shua ’07MTA and Michal Solomon on the birth of a boy.
Mazal tov to David ’05 and Pola Isser on the birth of a boy.
Mazal tov to Levi ’05 and Rivkah Frolich on the birth of a girl. 
Mazal tov also to Levi’s brother, Aaron ’02.
Mazal tov to Noam Mirvis ’05 on making aliya!
Mazal tov to Aron Goodhardt ’10MTA on making aliya.
Mazal tov to Jake ’08 and Emuna Goldstein on making aliya!

Keep the mazal tovs coming!!