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Mazal tov to all of you happy people out there:

Mazal tov to Hillel ’01 and Melanie Mirvis on the birth of Asher Binyamin.
Mazal tov also to Hillel’s parents, Rabbi Ephraim ’76 and Valerie Mirvis, and to Hillel’s siblings, Rabbi Danny ’03 and Althea Mirvis, Noam Mirvis ’05, and Dr. Eitan Mirvis ’07.

Mazal tov to Gavriel ’08 and Sarah Metzger on the birth of Joseph Noam.
Mazal tov also to Uncle Chaim Metzger ’10.

Mazal tov to Yitzy '01 and Rachel Ehrenberg on the birth of Yakira Ronit.

Mazal tov to Peter '06 and Tova Kahn on the birth of Elizabeth Rose.

Mazal tov to current madrich bnei chul Jonny Brull ’11 on his engagement to Shira Zenilman.
Mazal tov also to Shira’s brother, Ari Zenilman ’09H.

Mazal tov to Zach ’04MTA and Claire Gomo on the birth of a boy.

Mazal tov to Alex ’07MTA and Ahuva Tsykin on the birth of a boy.

Mazal tov to Avinoam '03 and Golda Erdfarb on the birth of a boy.
Mazal tov also to the uncles:
Amichai Erdfarb '94
Rabbi Dov Karoll '95
Ari Erdfarb '98
Dov Erdfarb '00

Mazal tov to Jonathan Tavin '11 on his engagement to Evie Denemark.

Mazal tov to Daniel '02MTA and Deganit Rand on the birth of a boy.

Mazal tov to Alan ’82 and Tzafrira Wecker on the birth of a grandson, Sneh, born to their children Yekutiel and Shira.

Mazal tov to Daniel Shlian ’12 on his engagement to Eleorah Sandman ’12MO.

Mazal tov to David ’09 and Adina Shyovitz on the birth of a girl.

Mazal tov to Yoni ’13 and Tova Lazarus on the birth of a boy.

An overdue mazal tov to Leo ’12 and Rebecca Katz on the birth of Gidon Shamai.