AchuzatSaraAchuzat Sarah is a children's home in Bnei Brak for children with exceptionally challenging family situations. For a number of years, students from Yeshivat Har Etzion have traveled in groups to spend Shabbat in the home and we are pleased to bring this important program under the umbrella of CTL.

Over the course of Shabbat, our volunteers lead Tefillot, perform plays, give Divrei Torah, teach songs, lead activities and create a special Shabbat atmosphere.

Our volunteers' contribution is particularly appreciated, seeing as the dedicated and inspiring staff of Achuzat Sarah is largely female, creating a lack of older male role-models for the disadvantaged children. The presence of responsible, learned and fun male figures gives a tremendous boost to the home.

Asher Fredman '06H is one of our regular volunteers at the home. In explaining the importance of the project, Asher said, "The children have a great time when we come for Shabbat and always ask us when we will next be coming. Through the planned formal activities and the informal kesher that we build, we try our best to give the children a positive religious experience."