CTL Shabbaton in South Tel Aviv

A group of 18 Israeli and Overseas Talmidim, representing a cross-section of the students at Yeshivat Har Etzion, spent Shabbat Parshat Teruma, Rosh Chodesh Adar Alef - February 5th 2011 - in South Tel Aviv.

Organized in coordination with alumni Chaim Goodinger (מחזור לג) and Rav Sefi Sherman (מחזור י"ח) of the Reishit school in Tel Aviv, the Shabbaton brought together High-school students, parents and members of the local communities for a memorable weekend.

During the course of the Shabbat, our students attended services in three different communities, with many community members grateful for the added ruach and festive atmosphere the group brought with them.

Meals were eaten together with staff members of the Reishit school and their families, enabling  the group to learn about the challenges facing the school, as it aims to serve its students and the surrounding community.

On Friday night, the group led an Oneg Shabbat which was open to the community. The Oneg was accompanied by source-based learning on the topic of "Honesty and Integrity", singing and dancing.

In another highlight of the weekend, all the local communities were invited to a Kiddush on Shabbat morning, followed by a Shiur by Rav Sefi Sherman.

The outdoors Seuda Shlishit attracted over 100 participants for singing and dancing as well as a Dvar Torah from a member of the group.

Ariel Brounstein '05H, commented, "We felt that our contribution went beyond the formal presentations and frontal talks. By partnering with the local leaders, we were able to create a Shabbat atmosphere and enhance a sense of unity between parents and children, teachers and students, more observant and less observant members of the communities. This brief exposure to the South Tel Aviv community renewed with us a strengthened sense of responsibility and brotherhood. As cliché as it sounds, we received more than we gave."