Shabbaton-Haifa-RYKFor Shabbat Parshat Teruma, 2nd Year overseas students and 4th Year Israeli students traveled to Haifa with Rav Yair Kahn ‘77, Rav Menachem Leibtag ‘77, Rav Assaf Bednarsh ‘88 and their families.

They were hosted for Friday night dinner by members of the Ahuza Religious Community Center, after which they joined high-school and college-age members of the local Bnei Akiva for an Oneg Shabbat. On Shabbat morning, Har Etzion students met with the Israeli Minister of Science and Technology, MK Rabbi and Professor Daniel Hershkowitz, who engaged the talmidim in a discussion about the flight path of rockets as a metaphor for life.

Rav Sha'ar Yashuv Cohen, Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Haifa, met with yeshiva talmidim after lunch and shared his experiences during the Israeli War of Independence, experiences which were closely tied to the history of Gush Etzion. Rav She'ar Yashuv did his military training in Gush Etzion and his commander was HaRav Medan's father, Meir z”l. He was severely injured in the fighting to defend the Old City and walks with the help of a cane as a result of the wound he sustained in his leg. When the Jewish Quarter fell, he was captured by the Arab Legion. Together with the survivors of Gush Etzion and the defenders of the Jewish Quarter, he was taken to Amman and spent seven months in the "Mifrak" prison camp in Jordan. After he was freed, he served in many important capacities in Israeli military, political and religious life.

It was an inspiring and mind-opening weekend for all who participated.