Edison-Highland Park Leadership Shabbaton

by Chezky Kopel '08

A group of Yeshiva alumni gathered in the Edison-Highland Park community for Shabbat Parshat Toldot (November 5-6), to participate in a special leadership Shabbaton with Harav Moshe Taragin. Rabbi Yehuda Chanales (’98-’00), Rabbi Jeremy Litton (’04-’07), Jonathan Ziring (’06-’08), Adam Ariel (’08-’10), Eitan Polster (’08-’10), and Chesky Kopel (’08-’10) helped coordinate a very successful and enjoyable experience by delivering D’rashot and Divrei Torah around the community, and by leading the Tefillot in the local Batei K’nesset, Congregations Ohr Torah (OT) and Ohav Emeth (OE). Harav Taragin graced the Batei K’nesset with Shiurim and a community-wide Oneg, and the younger alumni coordinated Tish and Chabura programs for local high school students. Several of the Yeshiva alumni also had the opportunity to hear from Rabbi Yaakov Luban of OT about the field of Rabbanut and spiritual leadership. The community greatly appreciated the visit. Special thanks go to OT President Robert Kreitman and other members of the community for helping plan the Shabbaton. It is also exciting to note that as the alumni were conducting their programming, another, entirely separate, successful Shabbaton was underway in the Edison-Highland Park community, for the NCSY organization, directed by Yeshiva alumnus Aaron Horn (’05-’07).



Yeshivat Har Etzion Alumni Shabbaton in Edison/Highland Park, NJ

with Rabbi Moshe Taragin and Rabbi Yehuda Chanales

Shabbat Kodesh Parshat, Toledot

November 5&6

Friday Night:

*Dvar Torah given by Gush Alumnus both at Congregation Ohr Torah and Congregation Ohav Emeth


*Program at Ohr Torah: Community-wide Shiur by Rabbi Taragin at Congregation Ohr Torah. “The Marriage of Religion to Terror”


*Tish for High School students at the home of Amiad Callen


Shabbat Kodesh:

*Dvar Torah given by Rabbi Moshe Taragin at Ohav Emeth

*Dvar Torah given by Rabbi Chanales at Ohr Torah

(both main congregation and teen minyan)


*Lunch hosted by Bezalel and Shana Posy.


*One hour before Mincha, Beit Midrash Program for High School students and Gush Alumni led by Rabbi Chanales


*Seudah Shlishit Dvar Torah given by Rabbi Chanales at Ohav Emeth

*Seudah Shlishit Dvar Torah given by Rabbi Moshe Taragin at Ohr Torah


For more details please contact Rabbi Yehuda Chanales: