From a boger in Toronto – Daniel Bierstone'06
In appreciation of the Toronto shabbaton Nov 6, 2010


Dear Rav Schreiber,

The shabbos was very special. R. Mosheh Lichtenstein called me on Friday morning to ask if I would come over to schmooze, which meant a lot to me - I spoke with him for nearly an hour o n F riday afternoonR._Mosheh_in_Toronto-web! Yael and I went to the tisch which was packed, mostly with university students but some Gr. 12 kids as well. He spoke about intensity and ambition which was a really appropriate message, and he told me he did that specifically for the boys in Gr. 12. The Minchas Chinuch shiur was fantastic, the balei batim were really interested and participated well. After Shabbos, we had a small get-together with R. Mosheh at the Grysman house - myself, Noam, Russel Levy, and Jake Goldstein, shmoozing for 2 hours. I just found the whole shabbos very refreshing. I felt really honored and I think the other people did as well, appreciating that the Rosh Yeshiva devoted so much time for us, and just mingled with people. Sunday morning R. Mosheh also gave the iyun shiur in Yevamos. I'm so glad that I got to spend very quality time with R. Mosheh and hear shiur and sichot from him. Thanks again so much for all your help.

Daniel Bierstone