Leadership Training

Below, please fine the full schedule for the most recent leadership training program at Yeshivat Har Etzion.

The program, which has been very well received since its inception two years ago, aims to provide talmidim with skills and knowledge-based preparation for leadership, to complement the motivation and education they already receive.

Spread over a number a couple of months after Pesach, the sessions cover major issues that the talmidim will be required to face as individuals and as leaders as they progress to YU, College or stay in Israel. Topics include: Intellectual Responses to Modern Orthodoxy, Responding to Bible Criticism, Social Entrepreneurship on Campus, Communal Leadership and Development, The Rabbinate as a Vocation, Different Paradigms of Outreach, Relating with Different Movements in Judaism and Informal Education.

Panels featuring Yeshiva staff, experienced professionals and Yeshiva alumni helped prepare the participants for challenges that lie ahead, while providing a platform for helpful networking and discussion.

The variety of topics combines with the focus on practical preparation to create an effective program which offers something for everybody and broadens the horizons of all its participants.


Leadership Training Program Schedule 5772