An Interview with Harav Aharon Lichtenstein, transcribed by Rav Dov Karoll

In anticipation of Rav Lichtenstein's being honored at the RIETS Annual Dinner of Tribute on November 13th, 2011.




Special Section of Jewish Action - Spring 2004



"In this section, we celebrate the seventieth birthday of Rav Aharon Lichtenstein. Rav Lichtenstein’s impact upon thousands of his talmidim is not due solely to his encyclopedic Torah knowledge. It is also due to his special sensitivity and refinement, which provides a model of an ish hashalem. In the pages ahead, Shalom Carmy provides a taste of the Brisker method of lomdus and Rav Lichtenstein’s significant contribution to the unfolding of that derech halimmud (methodology).Yitzchak Blau provides a window into Rav Lichtenstein’s thought. Both of these writers—who are disciples of Rav Lichtenstein and talmidei chachamim in their own right—enhance our appreciation of this eminent Torah personality. 


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