Cholent and Chizzuk at YU
Yechiel Schwab reports:
"Once a week on Thursday night, Gush alumni gather in the basement of 512 West 184th Street, or "The Gush Apartment" for Cholent and Chizzuk. A staple of Thrusday night Mishmar in Yeshiva for Bnei Chutz La'aretz, at 12:07AM students hear words of Chizzuk (the definition of this word is fraught with conflict, and occupies the theme of many Divrei Torah) while eating delicious hot cholent. 
CTL has helped finance and bring this program to the Yeshiva University community. In addition to helping our individual Thursday night learning, this program bolsters, and perhaps even creates a community of Gush alumni within YU. Once a week alumni have an opportunity to share Torah and friendship, and reconnect to a place which impacted all of them so strongly. Here they can reminisce about their times in Gush, talk about the latest Yeshiva updates, and discuss their Yeshiva University experiences. Many Gush Rebbeim deliver guest "Chizzuk" during their trips to America, including Eli Weber, Rav Rhein, Rav Taragin and Rav Mordechai who visited this year. These guests further help the alumni reconnect to the values they learned in Gush, and create a strong community based upon those values in Yeshiva University."