Torah Leadership at Columbia
CTL is pleased to support a number of Torah initiatives, spearheaded by bogrim and bogrot of Yeshivat Har Etzion and Migdal Oz, for students in Columbia and Barnard.
Here is Aminadav Grossman’s summary of the programs that have benefitted from partnering with CTL:
1) Itamar Rosensweig's shiur:
An iyyun shiur, spearheaded by Gush and Migdal Oz bogrim and bogrot, and taught by YU semikha student and Har Etzion alum Itamar Rosensweig. The shiur meets twice a week and chevrutot spend several hours weekly preparing mekorot. This year, we are learning the first perek of Masechet Shabbat, focusing on the nature of the melacha of Hotza'a. The shiur enables college students to grow extensively in their Talmud Torah alongside while pursuing studies and creates a chevra of bnei and bnot Torah. All shiurim are recorded and uploaded to the yutorah website.
2) Thursday Night Mishmar: 
The Columbia/ Barnard Hillel at the Kraft Center has an active beit midrash with people interested in learning, however, it has recently been quiet on Thursday nights. The program includes source sheets for group learning organized by students as well as open beit midrash. 
The beit midrash committee is currently co-chaired by a Migdal Oz bogeret, Jennifer Strauss, and numerous Har Etzion alumni would be involved in organizing this program including Rachel Friedman, Aminadav Grossman, Eliav Grossman, Joseph Quintas, Ayelet Hochman and Jeremy Cooper. 
3) Parsha Palooza 
This project coordinates learning in the Columbia/ Barnard beit midrash on Friday night, coordinated by Har Etzion alumni who prepare source sheets and Rachel Friedman and Joseph Quintas run a chabura on parshat hashavua. There are also scrumptious desserts that serve as a wonderful incentive and help create the basis for the beit midrash to become the “place to be.”