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Click on the picture above for shiurim related to Yom HaZikaron / Yom HaAtzmaut.

Click here to see this year's Yom HaZikaron ceremony
at the Kfar Etzion Cemetery,
with a short shiur by Rabbi Moshe Taragin,
introducing the event.

Yehi zikhram barukh.

In commemoration of the second yahrzeit of
Moreinu v'Rabeinu, HaRav Aharon Lichtenstein zt"l,
the Etzion Foundation is hosting 3 special events in the NY/NJ area.

With Rabbis Helfgot, Fridman, Taragin, and Taubes.

Wednesday Evening, April 26 in Teaneck
Thursday Afternoon, April 27 in Manhattan
and Thursday Evening, April 27 in Bergenfield

Click here for details and registration.

Thursday April 27th, 1 Iyar, on the second yahrzeit of Moreinu Harav Aharon zt"l, we will have two special shiurim in the beit midrash in Harav's memory, by Rav Meir Lichtenstein and Rav Shmuel Shimoni. (Mincha at 3pm, followed by the shiurim until 17:00). A bus will then leave for the Har Hamenuchot Cemetery, where we will gather at 18:15 at Harav's gravesite. (Area 51, Lot 1). Yehi zikho barukh.


Moreinu HaRav Aharon Lichtenstein zt"l would host a 'Seudat Mashiach' as is the hassidic custom on 'Shvei Shel Pesach.'  Here is the Niggun 'Yam LeYabasha' that the Rosh Yeshiva ztl would sing at that seuda. 

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Congratulations to Rav Daniel Rhein and Racheli Schmell (Rhein) upon receiving a well-deserved, Dor l'Dor Award, at the Etzion Foundation Annual Dinner. Thank you both!!

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Jeffrey and Michelle Greenberg Kobrin - Alumnus of the Year

Simcha and Barbara Hochman - Parents of the Year

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To make a donation in their honor, click here.

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  GushShanaBetShabbatonKiTisa5777inChemdat web Shavua tov from Har Etzion's Shana Bet Shabbaton
Shabbat Ki Tisa 2017 in Chemdat!

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In this volume, Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein explores the development of the religious personality. He advocates a life centered on the service of God, but recognizes multiple paths to this goal. Acknowledging that both the Jewish value system and human experience are multifaceted, he examines the relevant issues from an unusually wide perspective.

Rabbi Lichtenstein’s essays reflect not only a staunch commitment to Halakha and a firm grounding in rigorous Torah study, but also a deep spirituality, a profound moral sensitivity, and a keen awareness of both the challenges and opportunities of modernity. While being enlightened by Rabbi Lichtenstein’s penetrating analyses and wide-ranging learning, the reader will also be inspired by the beauty of his vision of the religious life.

Click here to read introductory chapter. To order...


Rosh Yeshiva Harav Baruch Gigi giving shiur in Melbourne, Australia! 

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