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Mazal tov to Rabbi Marc ’05 and Dr. Debbie Herman on the birth of Itiel Nehemya.
Mazal tov to Geoffrey ’05 and Miryam Kiderman on the birth of Eliana Tzophia and Yakira Liba. Mazal tov also to Geoffrey’s brother, Elan ’09.
Mazal tov to Morey Ellis ’15 on making aliya.
Mazal tov to Nathaniel ’76 and Esther Wagner on the birth of a grandson, born to Miriam and Yogev Cohen.
Mazal tov to Daniel ’09 and Tehilla Gross on the birth of Eitan Chaim.
Mazal tov to Akiva ’07 and Gabrielle Berger on the birth of Naomi Shoshana. Mazal tov also to Akiva’s parents, Rabbi Dr. Michael ’80 and Elisheva Berger. Mazal tov also to Akiva’s brother, Shuie ’17.
Mazal tov to Moshe Inger ’20 on making aliya.
Mazal tov to Adam ’11 and Grace Poliak on the birth of Eliyahu Pesach. Mazal tov also to Adam’s brother, Daniel ’06.
Mazal tov to Elisha Kelman ’14 on his engagement to Aliza Makovsky. Mazal tov also to Elisha’s siblings, Ariel ’13, Atara ’16MO, Rachel ’19MO, and Azaria ’21.
A belated mazal tov to Jacob Namrow ’15 on his marriage to Shevi Berelowitz.