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Mazal tov to Yoni Segal ’13MTA on his engagement to Blimi Hadad. Mazal tov also to Yoni’s parents, Adam ’88MTA and Nehama Segal.
Mazal tov to Rabbi Dovid and Ilana Gottlieb on the engagement of their daughter Eliana to Naftali Rochwarger.
Mazal tov to Mrs. Naomi Tabory on the engagement of her granddaughter Shira Tabory to Yoni Fischer. Mazal tov also to Shira’s parents, Rav Aviad ’90H and Debra Tabory.
Mazal tov to Jason ’11PC and Ariella Schnier on the birth of a boy.
Mazal tov to Matti ’02MTA and Mihal Borowski on the birth of a girl.
Mazal tov to Alon Silver ’13MTA on his engagement to Maital Greenberg.
Mazal tov to Raphael ’02 and Anna-Leah Cooper on the birth of Ella Rina.
Mazal tov to Josh Nagel ’10 on his engagement to Franni Bernstein ’10MO. Mazal tov also to Josh’s brother, Zev ’00.
Mazal tov to Harry Ottensoser ’16 on his engagement to Jessica Hecht. Mazal tov also to Harry’s parents, Gilad ’88 and Deena Ottensoser.
Mazal tov to Binyamin ’99 and Deborah Radomsky on the bar mitzvah of their son Betzalel.
A very belated mazal tov to Yaacov ’99 and Adina Rydzinski on making Aliya.
Mazal tov to David ’08 and Hannah Greenberg on the birth of a boy. Mazal tov also to David’s brother, Michael Greenberg ’06, and to Hannah’s brother, Rav Tzvi Chaim Kaye.
Mazal tov to Binyomin ’08 and Rebecca Dauber on the birth of a girl.